Your sponsor (the place of business where you received your certificate) has purchased the Travel Certificate as a promotional item. The travel costs associated with the certificate are directly related to the contribution that the sponsor made on your behalf. Therefore, it is extremely important that you thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions section on your certificate so that you understand the Fees and Taxes you are required to pay. Regardless of what someone may have told you, this offer is only as it is explained in the Terms and Conditions section of your Certificate.
Travel certificates give you an opportunity to participate in a pre-packaged travel program arranged for you by your sponsor. These packages are deeply discounted below the normal retail rates and are often supplemented by a contribution from your sponsor. Travel Certificates do not allow for "shopping" but our travel coordinators will search to get you the very best accommodations available within the program.
The destinations listed on your certificate were available at the time of printing. These destinations can be changed, added or deleted based upon notice from our booking agents. We reserve the right to add or delete destinations at any time. We strive to keep the destinations listed here on this web site and in the activation dialog as current as possible and we are always looking for new destinations to ad that will enhance the program. Therefore, if you do not see the destination you want listed on the home page of this web site, then it is not available at this time.
ETTSI sells 10’s of 1000’s of travel certificates every year. To managing the volume of inquires about locations and travel dates, we require a small deposit before we assign a travel coordinator to research the availability of accommodations and dates. This insures that our resources are focused only on certificate holders who are seriously interested in traveling with us. We also find that certificate holders will be more careful to read and understand the terms and conditions of the Certificate before they send in their deposit which improves communication between you and your travel coordinator. These measures insure that your travel arrangement will be dealt with in an expedient manner. At your request, if for any reason we are not able to provide the travel arrangements as outlined in our certificate we will refund your deposit.
Our Travel Certificate Programs are based on contracts we have with booking agents for blocks of rooms at a pre-negotiated rate. These contracts start, expire, and renew at different times throughout the year. These booking agents only set aside a portion of the rooms for these types of contracts. So, the availability of the rooms is based on many factors that can change virtually moment to moment. Until we request an exact destination and travel date, we do not know what accommodations will be made available to you. To avoid making numerous unsuccessful requests, we require that you submit your deposit and choose a specific destination and travel date before we attempt to secure your travel arrangements.
You deposit is held until after you travel to cover any additional or unanticipated charges you incur during your stay. These are charges such as, but not limited to, late checkout charges or other hotel charges not paid at check out or charges related to special offers you accepted that required your participation in a presentation that you did not attend. You can request that your deposit be refunded no later than 30 days after you travel. With your request we will verify that all charges have been fully paid and then refund any amount due. Please allow up to 60 days for processing of your refund request.
Written documentation is the only way we can verify exactly what you are requesting of us to do. We strongly suggest that you keep a copy of all correspondence for your records as well. It is the policy of our company that no action be taken until we have your written request in our office. Faxing your request will give you the fastest service and a receipt that we have received your correspondence. USPS mail is also accepted but you may want to request a return receipt. Email requests are not accepted as our spam filter may delete the message.